Testing zones

Testing ecosystems in Finland

 The map illustrates open test ecosystems and environments which enables cooperation, testing and developing digital solutions and new innovations.

National networks in Finland

ITS Finland

Intelligent Transport Systems Finland (ITS Finland) is a non-profit association that promotes the development and deployment of transport and logistic telematic services and improves the awareness of Finnish ITS expertise. Aim is to increase the safety, security and efficiency of the transportation systems and help to create more traffic free zones in cities.

ITS Finland's members include private corporations, public agencies, and academic institutions involved in the research, development and design of Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies that enhance safety, increase mobility and sustain the environment.

ITS Finland is a part of National ITS Associations network.

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UAS Centre Finland

The purpose of UAS Centre Finland is to provide both domestic and foreign operators with information and know-how as well as project management.

UAS Centre Finland’s operations stretch all over Finland, and the objective is to find the best solution to each assignment given by the service user. UAS Centre Finland establishes a testing environment at the location determined by the customer and helps planning the aircraft operations. Sensor selection and installation as well as data analysis are carried out in collaboration with the partner network. The Centre also represents various kinds of unmanned aircraft systems in Finland, and it is possible to procure extensive insurance services for both systems and sensors via the Centre. The training services combined with UAS Centre Finland’s insurance services enable operating outside of Finland, as well.

UAS Centre Finland's objective is to promote flexible use of airspace such that both manned and unmanned aircraft may operate safely in the same surroundings. The Centre's vision is to develop the most challenging area of aviation, BVLOS flight operations, in order to create cost-effective trade for air cargo transport utilisation, for example. The Centre has dozens of years of experience in aviation to provide a sturdy basis for functional service.

In addition, the Centre has several projects and innovations under way and it is always interested in new collaboration partnerships.

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Testing ecosystems:

  1. Aurora, Muonio
  2. E75 Stargate, Sodankylä
  3. ITS Factory, Tampere
  4. Kymiring, Iitti
  5. Living Lab Helsinki, Helsinki
  6. Number 9, Karstula
  7. Ouluzone, Oulu
  8. Growth Corridor Finland, Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Tampere, Seinäjoki
  9. Test environment in Salo
  10. "Jaakonmeri"

Marked blue in the map:

5G Test Network Finland

  • 5GTN+, Oulu
  • CORNET, Ylivieska
  • WIVE, Turku and Espoo
  •  Take-5, Espoo


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