Decide yourself how your data is used – new service for professional drivers to be piloted by Finnish Transport Safety Agency and Tilaajavastuu

8/23/18, 12:00 PM

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Traffic Lab and Tilaajavastuu are initiating an experiment which utilises the MyData principle in the new MyData service. In accordance with the MyData principle, professional drivers can themselves share, manage, and make use of their own driving right and professional qualification data for the duration of the pilot.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency and Tilaajavastuu are piloting a service through which professional drivers can utilise MyData when seeking out the driving rights data needed on worksites. Drivers participating in the pilot can themselves provide digital proof of the qualifications required for their work duties. Instead of the pile of cards currently required, the driver can use a Valttikortti (Asset Card) issued by Tilaajavastuu to confirm that they have the right to safely handle demanding deliveries both on the road and on factory and worksite locations.

During the pilot, the driver will decide themselves – using the MyData service – with whom they wish to digitally share their driving rights data, which is maintained by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. The service involves Tilaajavastuu requesting from the driver the right to use their data on the Asset Card.

The service now being tested out is a good example of how the MyData principle can be utilised in service provision. As a public authority, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency wants to be closely involved in this. We want to put the information in our registers to use and at the same time give the opportunity to decide on how one’s own data is used”, explains Development Manager Päivi Väisänen from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.

The digital sharing and utilisation of personal data and qualification data is playing an increasingly central part in the digitalisation process. Few, however, are thinking about how this can be done in a morally correct way. We want to create a service in which the average person has the right to decide how their own data is used. This pilot is the world’s first experiment on how the MyData principle can be applied to the professional use of driving rights data”, explains Tilaajavastuu Deputy Managing Director Mika Huhtamäki.

MyData gives everyone the opportunity to manage their own data

The service development and customer experience of the future will be firmly based on the utilisation and sharing of different kinds of personal data. Customer-orientated services require ever-increasing amounts of data sharing and utilisation. The MyData principle is that everyone should have the possibility to manage, utilise and give out their own personal data.

In the future, the starting point for creating services will be available interfaces. This pilot project, however, primarily relates to building trust between businesses, the public sector and individual citizens – in accordance with the MyData principle – so that customer-orientated services can be created”, explains Chief Advisor for the Finnish Transport Safety Agency and Traffic Lab Coordinator Noora Lähde.

In addition to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency and Tilaajavastuu, the pilot also involves participation from Tilaajavastuu’s partners and business customers. The objective is to involve around 200 drivers and the aim is to initiate the worksite pilot by the end of 2018. The pilot project is on display at the MyData conference in Helsinki from 29 to 31 August 2018.


The Finnish Transport Safety Agency:
Chief Advisor Noora Lähde, noora.lahde (at), +358 29 5347 164. On Twitter @NooraLahde

Development Manager Päivi Väisänen, paivi.vaisanen@trafi, +358 29 5347 088

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Noora Lähde’s podcast

Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy:
Deputy Managing Director Mika Huhtamäki, mika.huhtamaki (at), p. +358 400 616253