Finland to become an international hub between West and East for boosting international goods logistics

7/6/18, 2:00 PM

Corridor as a Service (CaaS) is a project that operates through public-private cooperation and seeks to develop goods logistics and new logistics services. Today a letter of intent was signed in Kouvola between Trafi, Kouvola Innovation Oy and Vediafi.

The objective of the letter of intent is to construct, within the framework of the Nordic Silkway CaaS project, an ecosystem which can help in the formation of a smart corridor between the West and the East for boosting trade. Finding solutions for logistical challenges helps to improve businesses’ competitiveness and as a result also citizens’ well-being.

“The Corridor as a Service ecosystem enables the utilisation of logistics chain data flows and improvements to goods logistics through a joint ecosystem that covers both the public and private sector. The ecosystem also offers the opportunity for developing current and new business activities, improving goods transport, and networking within a shared ecosystem”, explains Director General of Data and Knowledge Juha Kenraali from Trafi.

New logistics opportunities for trade between Europe and Asia

“Vedia-CaaS-Net is the first CaaS services operator to create a digital marketplace where transports can flow more efficiently, quickly and economically. The cooperation with Kouvola Innovation opens up new logistical opportunities for rail services between Kouvola and Xian and for increased trade between Europe and Asia via Finnish land, air and sea routes”, explains Project Manager Matti Lankinen from Vediafi.

”Kouvola Innovation brings to the project a service through which goods travelling between Kouvola and Xian can be transported by rail utilising digital services. China’s growth centres offer abundant opportunities for Finnish trade and industry”, explains Specialist Mika Lammi from Kouvola Innovation.

The Nordic Silkway CaaS project is part of the Corridor as a Service ecosystem, which is coordinated from the public side by Liikennelabra, which is in turn coordinated by Trafi. Also participating are the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority and Finnish Customs, as well as VTT from the research sector and Vediafi. Dynniq, Infotripla, and Indagon from the business sector. Also involved are the cities of Vantaa, Turku, Tampere and Imatra, as well as the Growth Corridor Finland network and YTL ry.

The forum for experimentation Liikennelabra, coordinated by Trafi, is an umbrella for enablers, developers and development of new transport  and mobility services. Further information: on Twitter @liikennelabra

Juha Kenraali, Director General, Data and Knowledge, tel. 040 557 8903, juha.kenraali(at), on Twitter @JuhaKenraali

Project Manager Matti Lankinen, tel. 050 557 1152, matti.lankinen(at), on Twitter @matti_lankinen

Kouvola Innovation:
Specialist Mika Lammi, tel. +358 20 615 6624, mika.lammi(at)