Digital transport services are tested in cross-border cooperation

6/20/17, 4:00 PM


Traffic Lab, coordinated by Trafi, has launched a project testing digital transport services in arctic conditions which explores and develops new transport services in Finland and in cross-border transport. Cooperation between Finland and Russia started as part of the project was announced at the ITS Europe Congress held this week in Strasbourg.

”We are extremely happy that the project is expanding to also cover cooperation between Finland and Russia. Our purpose is to widely promote the development and implementation of automated driving”, notes Juha Kenraali, Trafi's Director General of Data and Knowledge, who has represented Finland in the negotiations.

The Digital Transport Services in Arctic Conditions project was launched in the May of 2017 and aims to develop and test new services using a mobile testing platform and a business-driven approach. The aim is to make the mobile testing platform independent of place, which will allow testing, e.g. 5G technology and automation also outside testing environments.

Mobile test laboratory enables testing anywhere

”One of the starting points for this project was expressly to engage in dialogue and promote cooperation also across country borders, including with Russia and other Nordic countries. The aim is to launch the testing operations and, for instance, services related to V2X technology with a business-driven approach”, explains Kenraali.

Experimenting with automated vehicles is possible under Finnish legislation, and obtaining testing permissions takes little time.

”In this project, the business consortium has developed a testing laboratory in collaboration with VTT. The laboratory is equipped with instruments that enable testing day1 services, V2X telematics and telecommunications links, for instance. We will first pilot the vehicle within Finland, but the following goal will be to take the vehicle on the other side of the border,” notes Lasse Nykänen of VTT. VTT and ITS Russia have entered into a collaboration agreement aiming to promote international cooperation.

VTT coordinates the business consortium, which consists of Indagon, Nokia, Vediafi, Dynniq and Infotripla. The project also wishes to engage new operators interested in the collaboration.

At the ITS Europe conference in Strasbourg on 20 June 2017. In the photo are Anders Granfelt from Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Seppo Öörni from the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Finland, Veli-Matti Lahti from VTT, Evgeny Litvin from ITS Russian, Noora Lähde and Juha Kenraali from Finnish Transport Safety Agency and Oleg Kudryavtsev from ITS Russian.

Further information:

Juha Kenraali, Trafi, tel. +358 40 557 8903, juha.kenraali (at), on Twitter @JuhaKenraali

Lasse Nykänen, VTT, tel. +358 50 3031268, lasse.nykanen (at) , on Twitter @LasseN