Media invitation: Aurora Summit 2018 gathers top specialists on automated transport in Olos 16–17 January 2018

1/12/18, 1:00 PM

Finnish government supports unique MaaS pilot project in Tampere

10/13/17, 10:00 PM

Finnish competence is used to solve problems caused by winter conditions to automated transport

10/9/17, 10:00 PM

Traffic Lab promotes the utilization of open data

9/26/17, 8:00 AM

Digital transport services are tested in cross-border cooperation

6/20/17, 4:00 PM

Map of open testing ecosystems in Finland

6/1/17, 9:00 AM

The Traffic Lab test site map aims to illustrate open test environments and ecosystems in Finland which enable experimentation, cooperation and new digital solutions in the Nordic conditions.

The test site map also illustrates which ecosystems are open for international companies to test digital solutions in Finland. In addition, the map points out the 5G Test Network Finland which are platfroms which support national co-operation and application for EU funding.

New website has been opened

6/1/17, 8:00 AM

New website www.liikennelabra has been opened. The website aims to illustrate pilots, projects and cooperation considering of the digitalization of transport and new services. Liikennelabra is an umbrella which aims to encourage the cooperation between private and public sector in order to support more efficient, environmental friendly and safe traffic. The website aims to illusrate the map of the open testing ecosystems in Finland which welcomes international companies to test and develop new digital solutions for transport. Liikennelabra is coordinated by Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi.